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IRA WEISBURD-Choreographer

 Ira Weisburd

Ira Weisburd has been dancing and choreographing for more than 45 years! His unique and diverse background comes from many years of researching the dance rhythms & styles in countries around the world. It has enabled him to create a wide variety of line dances & folk dances.

Ira has received several awards over the last 15 years including the 2010 Dancer's Friend of the Year Award for starting a Flash Mob Line Dance Craze with his dance S.B.S. Shuffle Boogie Soul, 2013 & 2014 Male Instructor of the Year Award and the 2021 Crystal Boot “Love of Dance" Award for raising and donating thousands of dollars during the height of Covid-19 from his virtual online classes and workshops to help other dancers, instructors and choreographers impacted by the pandemic. Ira was chosen to choreograph the LDF Dance of the Year in 2021 to a new song, “Let's Start Living Again" by Ronnie Beard.

Ira enjoys a Youtube and Facebook following of 40,000 subscribers ! He has been invited to give workshops all over the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, Southeast Asia, Israel, Bulgaria, Mauritius and Reunion Island. His Line Dance Cruises featuring some of the most popular choreographers attract hundreds of dancers.

Raymond Sarlemijn-Bio

Raymond Sarlemijn

Born on the 31 of august 1971 In Amsterdam.

In his younger years he was dancing hip hop, street dance, electric boogie in the street of Amsterdam the Netherlands. He started to get more interest of with dancing so he started, Latin dance and ballroom dance. He started line dancing at a local club in Amsterdam, but soon he saw Roy Verdonk dancing on television and joint Roy at his club. Soon after this, Raymond grew to become a overall performer and joint Roy and Tom Mickers in there theatre show ( The devil went to Georgia). For a couple of years Raymond also was dancing in the Country Dynamics group who travelled around Europe for shows and workshops.

Because of his own history in dance, Raymond wanted more and saw that there was more to get out of line dance and he created his own style by mixing his Latin dancing and street dancing into line dance, he was one of the first who was dancing more than only the feet, he was dancing with the body.

This gave him the nickname: The Latin Man.

Raymond started to write some shows for the Country Dynamics and choreographies with Roy Verdonk and Darren Bailey. With his good friend Darren Bailey, Raymond became the most time World champion in choreography, not only with Darren but also with his best friend Michel Platje.

All his innovations and efforts got him up to the highest level in competition dancing the Superstar/ Legend division at the UCWDC and also Megastar/ Jewel for the WCDF.

Raymond is European Champion, Benelux Champion, Norwegian Champion, Swiss Champion, Swedish Champion, Belgium Champion, German Champion, Dutch Champion, France Champion and many other countries and in many different divisions, he is also 45 times World Champion, many of them are in the choreography division.

He is the only one who won 3 World titles at 1 World Championship in the category choreography and he did this twice.

But also the only one who won every category choreography at Worlds WCDF Italy.

Raymond was called out in 2004 and in 2006 at the Dutch line dance awards (who is been held only once in the 2 years) as the best Dutch choreographer.

At the World Championship in 2005 in Sweden, Raymond was chosen as the peoples favourite choreographer.

Raymond is travelling around the world to teach many people how to dance and share his passion for dancing with other people.

He is a respected judge for WCDF and is a member of the judge education board at the WCDF.

Roy Verdonk-BIO

Roy Verdonk

Roy Verdonk was born Febuary 22, 1975 in Hague, Netherlands.

Following a study in sports education and while pursing law at the university, his interest for dancing started to become alive.

It all started after seeing "Garth Brooks" live in concert in Holland. It was the amazing music that started the untameable dance fever in him. After searching throughout The Hague (Holland) for dance classes, he finally found a country dance club that was called MBC.

They were advertising that they were searching for some dancers to go to the Worldchampionships, which were held in the Disneyland hotel in Los Angeles, back in 1997.

After a year of hard work/training they went to Los Angeles and that was the year that Roy Verdonk won the highest worldtitle at that time in the solo line dance category. From that point on, the snowball started to roll faster and faster. His life became itself like a rollercoaster ride. After being on many television shows, he started his own danceschool and began to train students.

As a result, he has trained many "Stardancers" globally and much more Worldchampions, produced his own theatre show with Barry Stevens, signed a major contract with a record company, and has worked with some of the biggest artists of Holland. Roy Verdonk can really be called a "Master of the Trade".

With more than 25 years of choreographing and winning prestigious awards throughout the dance community, Roy has always stayed down to earth. He is a man that loves his work.

Dancing as a passion will always be the great love in his life.

"A Day Without Dancing, Is A Day Without Living"

Roy Anthony Shepherd

Roy Anthony Shepherd

Name : Roy Anthony Shepherd. Country: Norway.

Born: 1968.

Gender : Still a boy ;)

Status : Married.

Children: 4

Work: Day job Deli de Luca.

Evening/Weekend job: Line Dance Instructor, Choreographer, Judging, Dj, Event Director.

Roy started ballroom dancing at the age of 9 to the age of 16 when an accident temporarily put a stop to his career.

The real love for dance came later in life when his Father who lives in England introduced him to Line Dance in 1998 and in the next 5 years Roy picked up teaching, DJ, Judging and Hosting events on his summer holidays from and by his Father before he finally started his own Line Dance group in Norway in 2003 and became a second generation Line Dance Instructor.

Later on he also started to choreograph his own dances.

Roy runs the biggest group in the south of Norway and he runs 6 classes a week and has a social dance every month plus a Xmas Dinner and Dance every year.

He also does a Barbeque Social in the summer and a Full line dance weekend normally in August where he brings in International instructor/choreographers from around the world such as Rob Fowler - Kate Sala - Roy Verdonk - Daniele Trepat - Ira Weisburd - Jo Thompson Szymanski - Raymond Sarlemijn - Darren Bailey - Ria Vos among others have all been at Roy's events up through the years teaching and he is always the DJ at his own events.

His favorite phrase is "fake it to you make it" or "it takes 2 to 4 times to learn a dance"

Roy is known to be a very good and patient instructor who has never forgotten what it is like to be a beginner. He is passionate for all kinds of Line Dance and plans to continue dancing & teaching Linedance til the end of days in one form or another ;)

Darren Bailey

Darren Bailey

Darren Bailey is a 15 time World Line Dance Champion in categories such as, Classic, Showcase, Choreography, and Teams. Darren completed his dance training in Holland and toured Europe & America in theatre productions of "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" and "Passion and Illusion". In 2006 Darren retired from professional competitions, but has continued judging, choreographing and conducting workshops throughout the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, Asia and the USA. In 2017 Darren was inducted into the Line Dance hall of fame for his services to Line Dance Choreography and his work promoting Line Dance all over the world. Darren has trained several of the current and previous World Line Dance Champions and continues to train the world champions of tomorrow. Darren has won several Crystal Boot awards for his achievements in the Linedance World including several in the catergories of 'Instructor of the year' and 'Choreographer of the year' as well as having many dances nominated for 'Dance of the year' in many different categories too.

In 2006 Darren was partnered with Lana Williams for the BBCl Show, Strictly Dance Fever, where they finished as runners ups from a total of 80,000 competitors. Following this, Darren has gone on to work professionally within the entertainment industry, with many choreography and T.V credits to his name.

T.V Credits Include:

  • Britain's Got Talent (backing dancer & Choreography) -ITV1
  • Strictly Dance Fever 2006 runner up - BBC1 (live)
  • The National Lottery with Lionel Blair -BBC1(live)
  • The Coal House (series) choreographer and guest performer - BBC2
  • Strictly Come Dancing (series 10 - Present) choreographer - BBC1
  • The Coal House (series) choreographer and guest performer - BBC2
  • Dance House 1944 (documentary) Featured dancer - BBC2
  • The New Paula Grady Show - Channel 4 (live)
  • The Alan Titchmarsh Show -ITV1

Other credits include:

  • Catwalk Model - Gucci and Armani suits
  • Ambassador Of Swing Theatre Show - Manhattan Theatre (USA)
  • Fever Jive Aces- Music Video
  • The Devil Went Down To Georgia - UK Tour
  • Passion and Illusion - USA Tour
  • Dance and Rhythm with Angel a Ripon - The London Palladium
  • Dance Manifesto Launch Guest Performer - London City Hall
  • Frank Skinner's Cabaret (West End) The Lyric Theatre
  • Cuban Groove Dance Company Cabaret - Mall Of The Emirates, Dubai
  • Clash Theatre Show - Featured Dancer - Blackpool Tower Ballroom
  • Picnic In The Park Cole Porter Tribute Show - Dubai
  • Mark Ramprecash Charity Dinner - Hilton Hotel, London
  • Showtime Cuban Groove - Birmingham NEC
  • Corporate Team Building Promotional Video - HSBC
  • NHS Annual Awards Ceremony, choreographer (Northampton)